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These web pages contain information related to waste management such as information on legislation, recycling and hazardous waste. Additionally, an informative package of guidelines and viewpoints on how waste management can be organized for different estates has been put together.

The first section, Guidance measures for waste management, contains summaries on all the most important laws and enactments governing the waste management business. In addition brief summaries on the EU policies that provide the guidelines for national waste management plans as well as the waste policies of municipalities have been provided.

The second section, Waste categories and waste utilization, includes brief summaries on the different waste categories used to classify different types of waste in Finland as well as information on how they are treated.

The last section, Waste management for corporations, contains a brief overview on the process of crafting a waste management plan, broken down into various steps. Additionally, the necessity of such systems for modern firms is argued.

The GarbageX – design tool is also available to registered users. This tool is designed to aid in the planning of waste management systems for estates, whether those used by the industry or by domestic home owners.

This webpage and the GarbageX –programme have been designed in co-operation between Lahti University of Applied Sciences, The Environmental School of Finland (SYKLI) and several companies working in the environmental –and waste management sector.

It is the hope of the above that the user will find whatever it is that they are looking for on these pages.

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