About the GarbageX 2 –project

Purpose of the project

The project includes a waste management training and development enterprise that will be carried out in co-operation with educational institutions and companies working in the environmental –and waste management sector.

The project will further develop the GarbageX –program that has been created for the “Creating a waste management model for a company” –project 1.3.2002 – 30.4.2005 (http.garbagex.net) as well as internet-based educational materials –and methods in co-operation with the economic life. At the same time the education preparing students for the degree of environmental caretaking will be further developed in co-operation with companies and educational institutions.

Goals of the project

The primary goal of the project is to further the professional know-how of personnel working in the fields of environmental caretaking, sanitation and architecture, in regard to environmental issues in particular. An entirely new model for co-operation between the working and studying life will be developed. This model will enable the integration of work and studies and will safeguard the availability of a qualified workforce to meet the needs of the rapidly growing and changing environmental sector.

The project will be carried out between 1.1.2006 and 31.12.2007.

The project is being financed by the social fund of Europe, the provincial government of Etelä-Suomi, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, The Environmental School of Finland and various companies.