Assignment #1:
Newly built residential area

A new residential area has been built. It consists of 6 terraced houses each containing 3 apartments. The local legislation demands that bio-waste, energy waste, paper, cardboard and mixed waste must be sorted separately. The assignment is to draft a waste management plan for the residential area. Relevant information follows.

About the residents:

The apartments are mainly designed for families with children. The assumption is that approximately 60 tenants will occupy the area. The average amount of waste has been evaluated as follows:

About emptying the waste containers

The waste containers will be emptied by a local waste management company. The costs are equally divided amongst the apartments. The fees for different kinds of waste containers are as follows:

The fees for different types of waste are as follows:

Additional information

Draft the waste management plan so that the residents will not have to go to unreasonable lengths sorting their waste. Design the waste collection points so that emptying the waste containers will not cause any disturbance or danger to the tenants. In addition, calculate the preliminary costs of waste management for one year per apartment and make the necessary instructions for waste sorting to the tenants.

Annex: A diagram of the area

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