Waste management for corporations

As environmental awareness in today’s communities increases so does the importance of the environmental practices of corporations in regard to their business performance. This is primarily due to pressure put on the corporation by its customers, partners and employers as well as tightening environmental regulations. The competitive benefits of an environmentally friendly image are also not to be spurned. Essentially, a company cannot afford to neglect its environmental practices as the negative impacts from doing so could potentially be disastrous.

On of the most cost-effective ways for a company to develop their environmental practise is to develop its waste management as this will have an immediate impact on the environmental impact caused by the company. Due to the various economical guidance measures in place (such as the waste tax) it is often more economically sound for corporations to develop their waste management to be more environmentally friendly.

What follows is a brief overview of the various issues that need to be dealt with when improving corporate waste management practises