1. List 5 separately collected wastes that can be utilized as raw materials in industry

2. Match the following types of paper to the correct products made from them after recycling

3. Sort the following concepts into two groups; the ones connected to composting and the ones connected to anaerobic digestio

4. Which of the following are bio-wastes

5. List 5 different metals

6. Glass is most  often reused as

7. Which of the following concepts are connected to glass recycling –and reuse?

8. Are the following statements true or false?

9. The abbreviation for recycled fuel is

  10. The biggest problem with recycled fuels is

11. True or false?

Hazardous waste

1. According to the definition of hazardous waste, it …

2. Why must hazardous waste be identified?

3. The sorting of hazardous waste for companies is

4. Which of the following are reasons for the sorting of hazardous waste?

5. True or false?

6. Which of the following containers is best suited for storing hazardous waste?

Mixed waste

1. What is mixed waste?

2. What is the most common way of dealing with mixed waste in Finland?

3. From where does the majority of landfilled waste in Finland originate from?

4. How much waste in landfilled annually into municipal landfills?

5. True or false?