Waste management policies

Waste management policies in the EU, Finland in general and the municipalities themselves are based on the 6 following principles:

  1. It is more beneficial to prevent the waste from being produced in the first place, thus reducing the amount of waste that has to be processed
  2. The producer of the waste is responsible for all the costs resulting from managing the waste
  3. The producer is responsible for the reuse and/or processing of any waste generated as a result of their products. In some cases this responsibility is instead applied to the reseller or importer of the product.
  4. The dangers arising from wastes and waste management must be evaluated beforehand
  5. Any wastes produced must be processed as close to their point of origin as possible
  6. Any waste management systems must be set up in such a fashion that every community is self sufficient in their waste management

The general goals of the EU waste policy are, in order of importance, as follows:

These goals are to be achieved by legal, economical, informational and various non-mandatory means.